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About Jason

Quitting is how I WIN!

Jason B. Montanez is the self-proclaimed Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of Quitting.  While consulting, Jason had an epiphany and identified that it's not so much about what one needs to do in order to realize success, but what one needs to Quit that is preventing them from progressing. For this reason, he decided to start the Quitters movement which removes the negative connotation from the word Quit. Quitting is a great thing when one is Quitting the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are counterintuitive to success!

Please join the community of Quitters that will no longer allow counterproductive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to hold them back from being the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. You owe it to yourself to Quit.

Say it loud and proud, I AM A QUITTER!

Are You a Quitter? Well, You should BE!


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